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you can and will be asked to leave the event without refund or restitution for the following reasons:
1.) engaging in any sort of illegal activity.
2.) having alcohol on the grounds (that includes your bloodstream) of the event or smoking indoors.
3.) engaging in any sort of activity that may be considered cheating (at the discretion of event staff).
4.) damaging another persons computer. hacking, cracking, virii, baseball bats, etc. do not touch another persons property without that persons consent.
5.) coming to the event without a computer. loitering is not allowed.
6.) viewing of pornography. even if you are of legal age to look, others in the area are not. this includes in game sprays.

...attendees understand that they are responsible for their own property and nerd club staff will not be responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items. however, if you lose, steal, or damage another attendees property, we ask that you replace the item(s), or you will not be allowed into future events.
...attendees agree to be respectful to other people at the event and obedient to nerd club staff. meanieheads and jerkfaces will be removed without question.
...attendees agree not to hold nerd club staff criminally or civilly responsible or liable for any damage, loss, or injury to yourself, your computer equipment, data contents on your computer, or any items you may bring to the event.
...attendees agree not to hold nerd club staff criminally or civilly responsible for consumption of excess amounts of caffeine. attendees understand, that as with any controlled substance, attendees must use responsibly and in proper dosage.

**subject to change at any time. **if event staff has suspects you have been involved in any of the above, event staff reserves the right to remove those suspected from the party without proof of guilt or a refund of admission price.

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...parent realizes that if attendee is below 18 years of age, they are responsible for attendee to follow the rules in an orderly fashion.
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