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counter-strike random team tournament * we've decided not to feature a regular team counter-strike tournament. in the past, a random team tourney has resulted in players having much more fun, which is the intent of tournaments. counter-strike is pretty much guaranteed to be the main game of the lan (just look at the game voting!), due to limiting factors such as aging graphics cards and game familiarity. however, at this lan, we're going to expand our gaming portfolio into new and better gaming engines. so expand your horizons so you can get your game on.

unreal tournament (original) capture the flag tournament * due to the popularity of the original unreal tournament, we've decided to do some original ut ctf! teams will consist of 5 players and the maps we will be playing will likely be standard capture the flag maps. the only custom maps we'll even consider playing are the standard maps modded to be even on both sides (ie: the new november).

battlefield 1942 world war ii reenactment * (up to 64 concurrent players for realistic war teamplay!) here's how this works. we'll have two fairly large teams (32 players max) of axis and allies. (we'll be monitoring for team stacking, so please try and keep the teams fair). we'll play a series of 4 equally sided maps (timelimit of 45 minutes) in different theaters of world war ii as a sort of world war ii reenactment. it will be a progressive tournament occuring throughout the lan party. if that doesn't make sense to you, just go check the schedule. please note that if you join the allies, your team is not guaranteed to win. if your grandpa comes along and starts complaining about how unrealistic and antihistorical our reenactment is, because he was at the original one, we're going to have to ask him to either join the allies and play, or leave. sorry.

original atari pong 1v1 tournament: * original atari 2600 pong projected onto the wall with oldskool type paddles. this was wildly popular at the june lan! it's a good time! (no hax)

soldat: (team deathmatch, 4 player teams) this is the secret game tournament. if you want to practice this, go ahead. just don't take the game too seriously :) SOLDAT.

unreal tournament 2003 (bombing run) * (5v5 standard teams) if you haven't played bombing run before, it's kinda like "reverse" capture the flag. or i suppose it could also be linked with some sort of sports type event. but who wants to do that... :)

warcraft iii tournament * (1v1, maps to be determined by spam.)

if time permits (in order of priority):
  unreal tournament 2003 deathball mod tournament: teams of 4.

the marathon: a competition encompassing all of the main tournaments (indicated by a *). if you are participating in the marathon, it would be very advantageous to be there the entire lan. scoring will be based on how well you place in all of the eligible tournaments. a point system will be determined as per standard mariokart rules, which states 9 points for first, 6 points for second, 3 points for third and 1 point for fourth. (note: a seperate system will be used for the battlefield 1942 ww2 reenactment. for example, the top 4 players of the winning team of each map will acrue seperate points and the top 4 overall for all 4 maps will receive points that count towards the marathon.) the winner of the marathon will be crowned the nerd club gamer of the year.

other miscellaneous "tournaments":

counter-strike "female on male action" playoff: a team full of females versus a team full of males, to prove who really is the better sex. females are usually the limiting factor on the team sizes. the current female count is: 0. the male team will be selected randomly.

madonion benchmarking competition: input your benchmarks into our database to see who has the most boss rig.

caffeine competition: using custom "honor system" caffeine tracking, users log their caffeine intake to determine who has had the most caffeine at the lan. we strongly suggest you only do this passively. if you actively consume caffeine at a rate that is close to unhealthy, you will be asked to leave the lan party.

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