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whilst the party will have tournaments, the sponsor provided goods will be given away as door prizes instead of tournament prizes. this party started out to be as just for fun and we intend to keep it that way. whilst there will be competition, it will be friendly competition only for honor and bragging rights. just keep in mind that the purpose of the party is gaming, and that is what we are going to do.

current prize list:
  20 tshirts from abit.   cyber acoustic stereo headset with microphone from tiger direct.
  4 tshirts from tiger direct.
  400W aluminum dual fan psu w/ led (quantity: 2) from powmax.
  650VA ups backup system from powmax.
  10 powmax tshirts from powmax.
  fiberoptic fan (92mm with red lights) from pcmods.
  translucent molding (9 feet) from pcmods.
  20 foot network cable (quantity: 3) from pcmods.
  blue cold cathode complete kit from pcmods.
  kohan: fantasy pak with disciples gold from strategy first.
  o.r.b. from strategy first.
  robin hood (quantity: 2) from strategy first.
  hearts of iron from strategy first.
  koolcase with a cathode light.
  entry into tiger direct's p4 2.8ghz gaming rig giveaway.
  case of bawls (24pc) - prize mailed to the winner of the caffeine competition.
  litepad from litepads.
  pro series litepad from litepads.
  elite series litepad from litepads.
  gamersport mousepad.
  redhat baseball caps (quantity: 5; black with redhat logo).
  insulated redhat travel mugs (quantity: 5).
  redhat black journal book.
  red fedora.
  redhat 7.3 personal edition (quantity: 5).
  redhat 7.3 professional edition (quantity: 3).
  redhat freebie cd (quantity: 20).

  note: nyr = not yet received.

online listings:
  lan party coalition
  gamersport (keyword: nerd)
  jinx hackwear


help us out and link us with one of these banners. the url:
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  kerjo_007.jpg  kerjo_006.gif
  xenophobia_003.gif  shadow_001.gif

please keep in mind that these companies have made agreements with us to supply the aforementioned items for our lan party. we cannot be responsible if they do not keep their end of the bargain. we do not doubt the word of these fine companies, but unfortunately, accidents do happen. if there are any questions, please email us at

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