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what is the network? a nerdclub lan party.
when is the network? december 27 (10am) - 28 (10pm) of the year 2002.
how much does the network cost? $10.
where is the network? here.

11 january 2003 in the post lan party confusion i forgot to thank a few people! thanks to my brother, weenis, for loaning us tables from the waverly fire department, and for also admin'ing the counter-strike tournament. thanks to my dad (no codename) for letting me borrow his l33t digital camera, rj45 plugs, and the crimper. thanks to everyone that let us borrow servers (bobalmighty, your mom, phiber, p33ch, the mysterious man with the pentium 4, kerjo, and others i'm sure). thanks to everyone who helped buy pop from super saver with the 4 cube limit. thanks again to everyone who helped with cleanup. sorry i forgot some of you.

29 december 2002 the lan party is done and overwith! a huge thanks to everyone who attended, to those who lent us small switches that we needed last minute due to uncontrolled circumstances (slider and raider), to curium (for hosting the counter-strike tournament on his l33t box and for last minute advice on various issues), to opiesilver for helping resolve some power issues we had at the beginning, and to everyone that let us use extra power strips, extension cords, etc, and a very "special" thanks to the nerd club chicks. i'm still amazed at how fast cleanup went. we couldn't have done it without anyone. withing a few days, (hopefully), i'll port the intranet site to our web server here, so everyone can check out what went down. also, hopefully we can get a rip of our 10/11 news coverage on the website too. again, thanks to everyone, and we hope to see you all at our next lan.

24 december 2002 the secret game is: SOLDAT. if you wish to download it and practice before the tournament on saturday, go right ahead. warning: if you start playing this game, make sure you set some sort of alarm to remind you on friday that you have to go to the lan party.

19 december 2002 we got some new prizes in from powmax! two 400W power supplies (w/ led's) AND a 650va ups backup system! not to meantion 10 t-shirts. awesome!

10 december 2002 just a warning to you guys (and the women, of course), there will not be internet at our lan party. so get all your drivers and machine specific software before you come. we will have game updates available, but we cannot possibly have all the drivers for everything. so make like a boy scout and be prepared.

09 december 2002 we're nearing full registration. however, we are anticipating some no shows to the event, especially since there is no prepay. if we're at 100 prereg's and you missed out, please sign up anyway. you will be technically on the "waiting list". if you want to come to the lan party, you must preregister, even if its only on the waiting list. if you just show up and your name isn't on the waiting list or the first 100 signup list, we're going to send you away. sorry, but that's how it is. after you preregister, you need to do one of two things. the first step to being able to come: email us a day before the event. see if we've had any cancellations. second step: if there have been no cancellations, call us (402-786-0211, ask for shadow or xeno) the day of the event and we'll let you know if we had any no shows. if we have, you are more than welcome to come on down and pay us a visit. if you just want to come down for a visit and ask us if we have any spots, that's perfectly fine as well, but we just don't want you to come all that way to waverly and have to tell you we're full. thanks.

07 december 2002 we added the schedule to the site, as well as updated a lot of the tournament information! check it out! preparations are coming along quite nicely and we've also gotten a few new sponsors. we added a ut2003 tournament, as well as a warcraft iii tournament! we've also decided to have dedicated servers for: counter-strike, custom map and mod counter-strike, unreal tournament 2003, the "secret game", as well as battlefield 1942. plenty of gaming will be available.

05 december 2002 abit signs on as "the network" sponsor! we're glad to announce that abit, producer of motherboards and graphics cards has agreed to sponsor "the network" with a few goodies. more information about that and more sponsors to come!

24 november 2002 check out our new tournament information! we will be having unlimited free pop again this year, purchased courtesy of nerdclub (pepsi products). as always, we'll be having a full 100 megabit switched network. however, we're going to have a few dedicated servers going 24/7 (or, 24/2 as it may be). dedicated counter-strike obviously, with others to be announced.

06 november 2002 here at nerdclub, we're currently working on an intranet system to coordinate lan activities, tournaments, and provide other intuitive as well as useful features. it's called the "autonomous lan party" and will be showcased at the network. if you are interested in procuring this intranet software, written in php (backend in mysql), for your lan party, contact the nerdclub programming team at

  ... computer, monitor, headphones (no speakers), mouse, keyboard, power strip.
  ... your own drivers for your network card, your graphics card, your sound card.

  ... mousepad.
  ... spill proof cup for the pop.
  ... virus scanner.
  ... extension cord.
  ... 10ft+ ethernet cable. we will have plenty available.

wait, you ask, i'm a nub! what if i suck?!? has two pretty good guides about sucking at lan parties and a nub's guide to fps gaming.

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