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q: what the hell is a lan party!?
  a: remember the last time you played counter-strike on the internet? you were sneaking stealthily through de_dust2 just about to knife some nub in the back. as you unsheath your knife and prepare your index finger for the stabby stab, he whips around with his burst fire glock and caps your ass (or your head, as it usually is). you stand up, scream, pull out your hair, throw your headphones, jump up and down on your keyboard, kick your case, and keel over from elevated blood pressure. well, a lan party is just like that, only you get to do all that stuff in front of other people. oh yeah, the 15 ping ain't bad either.
     for those of you who have NO IDEA WHAT JUST HAPPENED, a lan party is where you, the gamer, bring your boss gaming rig to our building, hook it up to our network, and play games. lots and lots of games. if you can't handle lots and lots of games, just go back to your cave and play everquest online with christy turlington, you nub.

q: who the hell is nerdclub!?
  a: nerdclub was founded as a joke. somewhereaboutsinthenearareaof the year 2000, nerd club was founded at the small high school who's name we can't legally say on the internet or our kin will be punished. it was a calm cool lunch hour at said high school, and the "real" clubs were collecting dues for the year. we decided that we, the self proclaimed nerds, would also collect dues from students. so we took our attention away from applescript hacking the local network and set up a table with a piece of notebook paper on it that said "nerd club dues". we got a lot of people to sign up, but no one would pay their dues. how disappointing. we decided to make the club free, and went back to applescript hacking. we've been house lanning for quite some time, and took over a small gaming group based in waverly that disbanded when most of them graduated from high school. they started the annual christmas lan that we've kept going 3 years strong. we've since moved into a much bigger building, and have met many new people, as well as assimilating a few unsuspecting victims. you want to join nerdclub? come to our lan parties. hang out. chill on the phorums. there are no requirements, other than being l33t of course.

q: what the hell is a nub!?
  a: synonymous with n00b, noob, noobie, newbie, etc. generally indicates a person that is just starting to get into gaming and lan parties. they may or may not be familiar with the newest games and strategies for said games. nubs are welcome and encouraged to attend lan parties. hours and hours of practice in a lan environment is the best way to get un-nubbed. if this fails, you can always play on the internet. *scoff*

q: what the hell is l33t!?
  a: synonymous with leet, elite, 1337, etc. generally indicates a person that bleeds technology. they are usually seasoned gamers that play all the newest games and play them well. a l33t person will generally own nubs. however, eventually, given desire, a nub will eventually evolve into someone that is l33t.

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