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the shoutbox is a place to complain, praise, or just yell random things you feel like talking about. please keep all posts appropriate according to the rules of the lan party.

Poowill on 21:09 pm - 26 Jun 2004
Good Lord. How many drives do you people have? Or a better question, what do you do with more than 500gb of storage! 0_o....

round eye on 18:18 pm - 26 Jun 2004
anyone have the cz maps??

ZeroKewl on 16:56 pm - 26 Jun 2004
anyone have the cd images for condition zero?

theweezel on 16:45 pm - 26 Jun 2004
Originally got them from kerjo... =P

round eye on 15:55 pm - 26 Jun 2004
weezle why in gods name do you have a whole bunch of clay aiken songs?!?!?!?!?!? :S

ghazi on 15:34 pm - 26 Jun 2004

LordBlueWolf on 15:17 pm - 26 Jun 2004
It's that time again. LBW's making his push for CS users to try Natural Selection, another HL mod. This time around, NS had a special gameplay style made to fit the fast-paced, rambo-fest that most people like. We've got the client hosted (somewhere

theweezel on 14:52 pm - 26 Jun 2004 come talk to me if you want anything.

round eye on 13:22 pm - 26 Jun 2004
i have a charlie brown christmas, almost famous, american beauty, clockwork orange, equilibrium, magnolia, mall rats, and the butterfly effect. let me know if ya want any.

(A!)Rico on 12:00 pm - 26 Jun 2004
Anyone have some movies to trade or put in thier shared folder? I have Super Troopers, Fight Club, American Wedding, Dogma, and Boondock Saints. Come talk to me please!

Monkey on 11:58 am - 26 Jun 2004
n 8

theweezel on 11:12 am - 26 Jun 2004

Foolio on 09:22 am - 26 Jun 2004
i'm tired. my eyes hurt. i want .. death?

Doctor on 07:29 am - 26 Jun 2004

round eye on 05:03 am - 26 Jun 2004
you're a douche

A554sS1N on 04:29 am - 26 Jun 2004

mathyou on 00:23 am - 26 Jun 2004
Wow, quit spamming, you two.

N8 on 00:16 am - 26 Jun 2004
MY NAME IS NATE....not N eight!!!! NATE as in NATHAN

N8 on 00:14 am - 26 Jun 2004
yea, you would

N8 on 23:36 pm - 25 Jun 2004
w00t for the non-random CS tourny!!! you should all join!!!

Poowill on 21:16 pm - 25 Jun 2004
NO, omg, what is CS? COme back to earth pllz....0_o

havok on 20:00 pm - 25 Jun 2004
Tribes SERVER GOING UP. want to play a game from 1998 other than CS? are you l337 enough? Play Tribes!

havok on 19:59 pm - 25 Jun 2004
what's CS... is that that game i stopped playing in 2000?

(A!)Rico on 19:33 pm - 25 Jun 2004
yeah i agree with N8 thier should also be a clan matchup. Also can we have this 5v5 Random be Double Elimination instead of single?

Poowill on 19:33 pm - 25 Jun 2004
I would definately be up for a Team CS tourny....LETS GO!!

N8 on 19:31 pm - 25 Jun 2004
i think we should have a non-random cs tourny (5v5) wouldnt even have to be 'official' if you think this is a good idea come talk to us (seating chart....N8, mathyou, & powell)

willywank on 19:28 pm - 25 Jun 2004
omg omg omg omg

(A!)Rico on 19:25 pm - 25 Jun 2004
if anyone has the song "Heaven" by the Los Lonely Boys if you could hook me up with it that would be awesome!

mathyou on 18:49 pm - 25 Jun 2004
absolutely more of you need to play more cs. more, more, more. i think we should have a non-random 5v5 cs tourny. that'd be excellent. i can probably hook you up with most ofyour crack needs (aside from bf:v). find me on the seating chart!

round eye on 18:27 pm - 25 Jun 2004
more of you need to play cs, NOW!

tarzan on 17:30 pm - 25 Jun 2004
Poowill Shoot me up :)! Im all the way by the wall. The fat guy In the Hard ocp hat and the nerdclub shirt :)!

Poowill on 16:57 pm - 25 Jun 2004
Hey, anyone looking for a good video card!??!?! I've got a ATI Radeon 9500 128mb card i'm selling! 90$! GG's everyone...

A554sS1N on 16:53 pm - 25 Jun 2004
Lookin for Ice world teamate

tarzan on 16:32 pm - 25 Jun 2004
Looking for a Iceworld Teamate :) PM ME! Im at the top of the room :)(

(A!)Rico on 16:05 pm - 25 Jun 2004
how many people want a scoutzknivez tourney?

BobAlmighty on 16:05 pm - 25 Jun 2004
NM, got it covered

A554sS1N on 15:35 pm - 25 Jun 2004
ANyone have a crack and crap for Call of Duty?

BobAlmighty on 15:32 pm - 25 Jun 2004
Yo, I need the Ventrilo install. I accidentally deleted mine.

FireStarter on 15:32 pm - 25 Jun 2004
Dedicated CoD server is up... ip is

FireStarter on 13:44 pm - 25 Jun 2004
i CAN HOOk you up with halo if you need it, sitting against the far wall by the kitchen..

HIMfan1 on 13:30 pm - 25 Jun 2004
i need a crack for ut2004

HIMfan1 on 13:12 pm - 25 Jun 2004
does anyone have a cd key for ut2004

ZeroKewl on 12:52 pm - 25 Jun 2004
where can i get halo?

havok on 12:27 pm - 25 Jun 2004

PeterBones on 12:20 pm - 25 Jun 2004
Anyone have Windows Media Player 9? It is apparently required for PCMark2004. D'oh, as they say.

ZeroKewl on 09:30 am - 25 Jun 2004
anyone want to play some tfc?

FairyTwinkler on 07:35 am - 25 Jun 2004
SHOUT SHOUT SHOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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