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[shadow] [16:50 pm - 25 Jun 2004]
Are you able to read? Can you remove a plastic cover? Then you might be interested in the horde of CPU (Computer Power User) Magazines by the front door. Come and take one.

[shadow] [16:11 pm - 25 Jun 2004]
FREE POP! In case you didn't know, we've got a bunch of free pop near the kitchen in the back. Take one, or two, or four.

USE THE SEATING CHART!!!!1!!!!11111one
Not because it's useful, but because it's fun! Actually, we just like to know. Click on "MAP" at the top of the page, and click where you're sitting to sit down.

Recycle! Next to where you get the pop is a plastic bin for empty cans/bottles. Please save the earth!

Music! If you have a request, drop the music into \\shadow\musicdrop and if it doesn't suck, I'll play it.
Username: net
Password: net

Need help? Download Teamspeak and get in the "Ask An Admin" room. We'll help you out.

And remember kids, deodorant saves lives.

Welcome to THE NETWORK
[xenophobia] [10:00 am - 25 Jun 2004]
Did you get an RTFM and a Screenshot/Demo Guide at the door? Come to see us if you didn't!

We have a variety of things going on here, but here's a few hints for the website:

1. Make sure you register for prizes. Read the guide on the page to decide which method of registration you want to use.

2. If you see this icon: next to a server, you can click on it to launch HLSW to connect to the server. If you don't have HLSW, get it here. To join a game using HLSW, click the icon, it will bring up the IP address in HLSW. Hit enter, right click on the server in the server list and click on Connect. It will make it much easier to join tournament servers. Try it out!

3. Participate in the events we have going on:
- Caffeine Log
- The Marathon Global Tournament - winner gets DAN (the trophy)
- Tournaments
- Benchmarking Competition [get the benchmark files]
- Screenshot Competition [upload your own entry]
- Case Modding Competition

We have a teamspeak server set up for people to ask us questions about what is going on, or communicate with other people at the LAN. Download teamspeak and put the connect to the server located at teamspeak:8767, OR Check out this screenshot to figure out how to connect.

DJ Goatburger (a.k.a. shadow) is the official DJ for this LAN party. If you'd like to request a song or have a music preference, you can drop songs into \\shadow\musicdrop and let him know. If he thinks they don't suck, he'll add them to the playlist. The current playlist can be viewed here.

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Poowill on 21:09 pm - 26 Jun 2004
Good Lord. How many drives do you people have? Or a better question, what do you do with more than 500gb of storage! 0_o....

round eye on 18:18 pm - 26 Jun 2004
anyone have the cz maps??

ZeroKewl on 16:56 pm - 26 Jun 2004
anyone have the cd images for condition zero?

theweezel on 16:45 pm - 26 Jun 2004
Originally got them from kerjo... =P

round eye on 15:55 pm - 26 Jun 2004
weezle why in gods name do you have a whole bunch of clay aiken songs?!?!?!?!?!? :S

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