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caffeine log  /information /standings

duration: 1 days 12 hours

top ten items:
mountain dew: regular and code redcoke - vanilladr pepper: regular and dietdiet pepsipepsi-colabawlscherry cokecoca-cola classicred bullbarqs root beer

#usernametotal (mg)avg (mg) / hourlast entrylog
1PeterBones1568.0042.8320:38 pm - 26 Jun 2004log
2A554sS1N814.0023.8819:10 pm - 26 Jun 2004log
3Doctor763.6022.3109:23 am - 26 Jun 2004log
4mathyou661.3318.419:47 pm - 26 Jun 2004log
5OaTz630.6617.1711:29 am - 26 Jun 2004log
6LordBlueWolf597.3317.4415:17 pm - 26 Jun 2004log
7shadow559.0010.1220:35 pm - 26 Jun 2004log
8havok541.3416.1203:06 am - 26 Jun 2004log
9willywank499.0016.6513:02 pm - 26 Jun 2004log
10N8444.0012.9117:29 pm - 26 Jun 2004log
11BobAlmighty385.0011.2122:28 pm - 25 Jun 2004log
12(A!)Rico336.0010.5712:04 pm - 26 Jun 2004log
13xenophobia118.002.0121:12 pm - 25 Jun 2004log

 user is over the recommended allowance of caffeine (300mg/day). ease up buddy.
 user is over twice the recommended allowance of caffeine. stop intake immediately.
 user requires medical assistance.

note: avg(mg)/hour is calculated against the time you registered for your account.

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