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powered by: php, mysql -- released under the QPL.

this is the web site for ALP, the Autonomous LAN Party, an Intranet LAN Party Management Software Package written by LAN admins for LAN admins. it's an ever evolving project with the purpose of making it easier to run a LAN party. the key to a smooth and successful lan is flow of information. telling your gamers where to be, what's happening, and when it's happening. information is key to any successful enterprise. our software will easily and reliably relay your information to the gamer. you need to let them know when the tournaments are? post them on the schedule. you need to let them know what server they are playing on in the tournament? post it on the tournament brackets. and best of all, ALP IS COMPLETELY FREE! the software to run ALP won't cost you a dime, and neither will the ALP source code. ALP runs more tournament types than any other competing software. give it a try or use the links above to look at a live demo or static example of how ALP works!

just to reiterate, ALP (as it stands), is only intended to be used as an intranet (LAN-only) package. development is currently underway for an internet signup website for those of you looking for an internet web site to go along with the intranet we already have available.

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