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[how does ALP compare with the competition?]

tournament coordination

> > > will make graphic HTML formatted brackets compatible in 4+ browsers without a plugin for single elimation, single elimination free for all (more than 2 teams playing at once), double elimination, consolation, and round robin!

> > > tournaments can be started with any number of teams competing -- 6 teams, 9 teams, 47, 72, 109, whatever!

> > > tournaments can be created with any number of players per team!

> > > for team tournaments, players can register in "pug" unassigned mode if they don't have a team. captains can then draft team members from the pug area!

> > > administrators can add and delete teams!

> > > ability to automatically do random team tournaments! options for 'completely random' or an option to do 'random by self-rankings'!

> > > option to automatically and randomly assign starting teams for each match on the tournament brackets (ie: randomly assign which team starts as counter-terrorist or terrorist, axis or allies, red or blue, etc.).

> > > option to automatically assign (and edit if need be) tournament servers for every individual match.

> > > option to display scores of each match on the tournament brackets.

> > > users can submit the scores of the match!

> > > display the maps for the tournament right there on the tournament display page!

> > > ability to seed any number of teams participating in the tournament, and randomize the rest!

> > > correct and accurate tournament procedure for byes, losers bracket insertion, and seeding!

> > > multiple administrators can edit tournament to promote winners, input scores, edit maps.

> > > allow normal users to become a moderator for a tournament!

> > > ability to 'cache' the tournament bracket page for faster load times!

> > > make a 'global tournament' that spans all of your tournaments to see who competed the best in all of the tournaments!

main options

> > > easily toggle off all of the features that you don't want to use!

to see everything else ALP can do, why not check out the demo test script to see what else ALP has to offer!

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