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[shadow] [00:39 am - 03 Jan 2004]
We decided that our front page for ALP looked a little bare, because it was missing a hole in the middle where we should typically be utilizing our news posting system. So this post is just an interesting little blurb that will make the core page of ALP look more appealing to the user. I had a dream the other night that was kinda weird. I dreamt that I was the king of England. Yeah, serious. And I had some bodyguards, Mulder and Scully, and they helped protect me from all of the people who wanted to assassinate me. I'm not sure of the motives behind my assassination attempts, but there were quite a few. I rode around in a metal box for safety. Then there was an alien invasion. That was kinda weird too, but luckily I had two bodyguards who were fluent in the ways of kicking the ass of weird things. I just sat underneath a bridge with a pistol shooting aliens that got near me. It's probably the strangest dream that I've had in a while, but I thought it might make a nice story. The moral of the story? England is a really whacked up place.

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attendance 102/128
time: 09 Jan 2004 23:39:pm

gamer of the hour bennihilator

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fucik on 16:58 pm - 03 Jan 2004
A prick by any other name is still a bad drunk.

deranged_donut on 16:22 pm - 03 Jan 2004
its really hard to keep my eyes open...

Beltaine on 15:03 pm - 03 Jan 2004
Anyone got update files for QIII?

HellishAngel on 15:00 pm - 03 Jan 2004
You crazy kids.

riscphree on 14:22 pm - 03 Jan 2004
w00t we got a working MTA:VC sever, for the client visit \\Fserv2\MTA Files, yes its completely free software.

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