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definition: Year \Year\, n. [OE. yer, yeer]: 6 months, or until the next official nerd club lan party.

autonomous lan party [ALP]


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storage capacity: back

abnoea: abnoeaPrimary Desktop186.20 GB
Aerosilver: Denty McAirflowPrimary Desktop80.00 GB
Almighty Kerjo: Gaming KerjoPrimary Desktop60.00 GB
Almighty Kerjo: Server KerjoSecondary Desktop82.00 GB
Almighty Kerjo: Mobile KerjoSecondary Laptop40.00 GB
amdoverclocker: computer 1 196.00 GB
AWU_GigaByte: Dual BiosPrimary Desktop200.00 GB
AWU_GigaByte: AMD64Secondary Laptop80.00 GB
AWU_GigaByte: HahahaSecondary Desktop10.00 GB
Beaneater: CoolerMasterPrimary Desktop320.00 GB
beltaine: morpheus v1.2Primary 40.00 GB
BizzaroStormy: BizzaroRigPrimary Desktop80.00 GB
blackwidow: ottePrimary Desktop332.20 GB
brad_arth: Brad's PCPrimary Desktop120.00 GB
Bulletbait: 3.12ghz 512mb pc3500Primary Desktop280.00 GB
cheeseman07: BoringPrimary Desktop80.00 GB
christos: BastardChild (Need new name!)Primary Desktop60.00 GB
Combatjuan: CritterPrimary Desktop80.00 GB
Curium: Primary 120.00 GB
Dark Screen: Main b0xPrimary Desktop160.00 GB
Dark Screen: ServerSecondary Desktop57.00 GB
Death: DeathPrimary Desktop280.00 GB
deranged_donut: HOMERPrimary Desktop410.00 GB
deranged_donut: MaggieSecondary Desktop80.00 GB
deranged_donut: FRINKSecondary Laptop40.00 GB
electrowiz: Stupid ComputerPrimary Desktop240.00 GB
Ertza eone: My computerPrimary Desktop200.00 GB
FairyTwinkler: FairyLandPrimary 70.00 GB
FlameMage: at homePrimary Desktop80.00 GB
Foolio-->: FoolioPrimary Desktop360.00 GB
fucik: laptopSecondary Laptop18.00 GB
Haste: At ISUPrimary 80.00 GB
Haste: Home server 80.00 GB
Havoc: mace001Primary Desktop80.00 GB
Havoc: MACE001MSecondary Laptop1.53 GB
HellishAngel: Primary 80.00 GB
jazzman: JazzmanPrimary Desktop200.00 GB
jazzman: eagle5 15.00 GB
joker: computer 1Primary Desktop240.00 GB
Jolly Roger: NikkitaPrimary Desktop86.20 GB
Jolly Roger: D.D.E.S.A.R.A.YSecondary Desktop13.20 GB
jritze: SupercompPrimary Desktop149.10 GB
Kurtis0006: NautilisPrimary Desktop280.00 GB
LargeRustySpoon: FlameyPrimary Desktop360.00 GB
Leviathan: Primary Gaming boxPrimary Desktop520.00 GB
loading: kill-billPrimary Desktop200.00 GB
lord foolber: FoolberPrimary Desktop80.00 GB
LordBlueWolf: MelchiorPrimary 80.00 GB
Lucid Priest: The Blue OnePrimary Desktop120.00 GB
mAdCoWZ: Dorm bizzox 1Primary Desktop120.00 GB
masterhaides: VladimirPrimary Desktop100.00 GB
MasterVader: MasterVader - GamingPrimary Desktop240.00 GB
mathyou: WhisperPrimary Desktop774.00 GB
MeatPopsicle: DashaPrimary Desktop100.00 GB
Megs: ^^Primary Desktop120.00 GB
Miko: Kaiser SosePrimary Desktop999.99 GB
Monkey: The UsualPrimary Desktop750.00 GB
Monkey: ServerSecondary Desktop41.00 GB
Morpheus: MainPrimary 156.00 GB
nerdking: nerdkings pc Desktop19.10 GB
oateater: foxtrotkiloPrimary Laptop80.00 GB
OaTz: OaTzMacHine Version 1.0Primary Desktop240.00 GB
Poowill: Emachines AMD64Secondary Laptop617.00 GB
Psycho_Mantis85: Trance MachinePrimary Desktop600.00 GB
Psycho_Mantis85: Uber LapTopSecondary Laptop9.00 GB
RedRanger: Red Ranger's ComputerPrimary Desktop140.00 GB
Riddick51PB: SkyNetPrimary Desktop180.00 GB
riscphree: gaming boxPrimary Desktop120.00 GB
riscphree: file serverSecondary Desktop630.00 GB
riscphree: web serverSecondary Desktop5.00 GB
riscphree: laptop 1Secondary Laptop20.00 GB
riscphree: laptop 2Secondary Laptop10.00 GB
riscphree: Main File ServerSecondary Desktop470.00 GB
ScorpioN: my Rox0r box0rPrimary Desktop40.00 GB
shadow: shadow.iiPrimary Desktop140.00 GB
shadow: darknessSecondary Laptop5.58 GB
SirLoxElroy: ExcaliberPrimary Desktop192.00 GB
SirLoxElroy: NanoTechSecondary Desktop49.00 GB
SirLoxElroy: WhiteStarSecondary Desktop40.00 GB
SirLoxElroy: HeliosSecondary Desktop36.00 GB
soulfx: SoulStationPrimary Desktop160.00 GB
soulfx: FlyingSoulSecondary Laptop20.00 GB
Spam: spam64Primary Desktop320.00 GB
Spam: spam-1600Secondary Desktop40.00 GB
Spam: nerdclub.netSecondary Desktop20.00 GB
SparkedFire: Piece of shi*Primary Desktop40.00 GB
Spartan117: toms computerPrimary Desktop80.00 GB
Steakeater: SteakPrimary 60.00 GB
Steakeater: Old Steak 30.00 GB
Steakeater: Laptop (USP) 30.00 GB
Steakeater: Machine (RIBEYE) 30.00 GB
TheButcher: RainMaker DeluxePrimary Desktop36.00 GB
ToXiN_TrAin: ICEBOXPrimary Desktop240.00 GB
Weenis: WeenisPrimary 13.00 GB
wEEzEl: wEEzElPrimary Desktop180.00 GB
Zach: Betty's Ugly SisterSecondary Laptop3.00 GB
Zach: Betty's Hot AuntSecondary Laptop6.00 GB
Zach: Betty's Supermodel Trophy WifePrimary Desktop380.00 GB
ZWarrior: Gaming SystemPrimary Desktop140.00 GB
{w!}TheButcher: Rainmaker DeluxePrimary Desktop20.00 GB