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Serious Sam server is up!
[xenophobia] [03:35 am - 12 Jul 2003]
Serious Sam server is up!
Half-Life: Counter-strike Warcraft III
[xenophobia] [02:13 am - 12 Jul 2003]
Welcome to The Network!
[] [00:00 am - 30 Nov 1999]
We have a bunch of tournaments running today, so get signed up for those that are available. The tournaments tomorrow are locked, and will be unlocked tomorrow. We'll have a variety of scheduled servers, available, of which will be posted on the schedule. Right now we have a Half-Life: Desert Crisis mod server going, which is an insane mod for Half Life that has about every weapon you could ever want. Download it from the files page and check it out.

We'll have the caffeine competition going the entire LAN party, so log your caffeine intake if you wish to participate.

The winner of The Marathon will receive Teh Cup, the silver trophy you see at the door.
alp jukebox
[] [00:00 am - 30 Nov 1999]
To upload music to be played on the speakers, go to \\alp\In_Box\music\ and log in as net:net That will allow you to click on the upload link above and then you can move your music over into the music folder. Click the import button to import your music and make it available for voting. If your music isn't globally hated, it'll get played on the speakers. DO NOT UPLOAD YOUR ENTIRE MUSIC COLLECTION. It will only make it annoying to vote for and we only have 8GB free on the server.

If you're really annoyed by the music and don't want to vote for your songs, there is a Streamcicle (sp?) server at http://cyberserver:8080/
most recent shoutbox posts:

FireStarter on 19:39 pm - 12 Jul 2003

riscphree on 15:53 pm - 12 Jul 2003
wow, ALP went really slow a bit ago, then I got a nice error :)....well many errors. Looks like its working now

riscphree on 15:27 pm - 12 Jul 2003
Why might this not be valid in Texas, Louisiana, or Maine?

Jazzman on 15:12 pm - 12 Jul 2003
Team sackage has one space left for a cs player who wants to have some fun. No skill neccesary. No refunds. Offer may not be valid in Texas, Louisiana, or Maine. Check your local laws before applying. EOE

riscphree on 14:47 pm - 12 Jul 2003
If that is true Steak, then why aren't we face to face talking about this?

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atari pong *
battlefield 1942 *
command and conquer generals 2v2 *
counter-strike *
counter-strike random *
quake iii arena ffa *
starcraft brood war 1v1 *
tony hawk pro skater 3 ffa
unreal tournament 2003 deathball random *
unreal tournament 2003 ffa *
unreal tournament ctf *


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